Jorge A. Cordova Founder and CEO

Jorge A. Cordova
Founder and CEO

Jorge has been to 89 countries and has worked in 54. His work, passion, and hobby is TRAVEL. Jorge has been lucky to travel worldwide as an international banker and has encountered every aspect of traveling from getting sick on the road and there are no or basic medical services to closing major multi-million business deals.

Stephen L. McKnight Founder and COO

Stephen L. McKnight
Founder and COO

Steve is a business executive and Certified Public Accountant that has worked for major corporations all over the world. He also has a passion for traveling, 48 countries, and counting. He has lived and worked in the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Singapore and the United Kingdom with Fortune 100 to 500 companies. He knows the need, first hand, to have access to great medical care overseas.

On Vacation Doctor’s Mission

Bringing peace of mind to the international traveling public.

Our Mission at On Vacation Doctor is to bring peace of mind to ALL of the international traveling public whether it is for fun and vacation or work. We connect you to top ENGLISH speaking doctors and provide MINOR non-emergency contact numbers the world over. FOR PEACE OF MIND NOT FEAR.

What is On Vacation Doctor?

What we are about.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, now you can travel anywhere knowing we have local minor medical (non-life threatening) emergency contacts and doctors who speak English for you…just in case and if there is ever a need…so travel with confidence.  Bring the kids, your grandparents and leave the worrying behind!  Yes you too business traveler, this is for you. Rest assured that we are here to help!

The top travel related illnesses that tend to disrupt your vacation usually are severe upset stomach aches (Montezuma’s revenge) from the local food or water, respiratory infections and colds/flu, suspicious skin infections or rashes, insect bites and injuries from minor falls…well if any of these should dampen the enjoyment of your vacation or trip, we are here to help.

What would you do if you fell ill while traveling outside the USA? Ask your hotel concierge for help?  Many hotels don’t have one and if they do, we have painfully learned that they are not always very helpful or know what to do to help.  We help you by providing English speaking doctors to call or to schedule an immediate appointment with should you ever have to. We provide peace of mind by connecting you directly with someone who can help!

AND FOR FREE WE HAPPILY also provide you with local emergency contact numbers (like the US equivalent of 911) AND local fire, police and ambulance AND the US Embassy’s 24-hour emergency call number.

Our goal is to provide you with up to 3 English doctors to contact and yes many of them DO MAKE HOUSE CALLS.  All you do is negotiate what to pay directly with them.

The Story Behind On Vacation Doctor

Why I decided this service was important.

I am very lucky that I get to travel for work. I’ve been to almost 80 countries and have enjoyed every bit of it. The jet lag nor living out of a suitcase ever bothers me…but what does bother me over the years is that when on that rare occasion I have gotten sick…or especially concerning to me is when a client or my young nephews and senior citizen friends have gotten sick…I feel helpless and don’t know what to do or who to call.

On a recent work travel trip to Asia, I contacted a hotel concierge at a top 5-star hotel (not all hotels have a concierge and NO they usually don’t have a doctor on call) because a client I was traveling with got a bad stomach bug, probably from the local water…he looked just awful…I felt awful for him…well the hotel sent a bell-boy with us in a taxi because we didn’t speak the language, to the local hospital emergency room.  That experience was awful! The emergency room was packed.  The local medical staff, while well-intentioned did not speak English but did their best.  They treated him directly there in the hospital lobby…I know trying to be helpful…IV bag and all…no English spoken.  Sadly, there were very sick people all around us…we worried more about contacting something worse and infectious by just waiting around!  We escaped, IV bag with a needle stuck in the arm and all, out the door, hailed a taxi, and went back to the hotel room to let the IV finish dripping…never again!

That’s when I realized that if we had a local English-speaking doctor to call or go visit directly we would have had PEACE OF MIND.