Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. During these moments, it is vital that you find a doctor who speaks your language—literally. On Vacation Doctor provides you with all of the emergency contact phone numbers you will need in every country of the world.

How it Works

Step 1: Select Your Country

In the search bar below, select your country of destination.

Step 2: Receive Your Results

After a few moments, your results should appear on the screen.  Depending on the country you will receive multiple numbers for doctors, Police, Fire, hospitals where available, the 24-hour emergency U.S. Embassy or consulate numbers.

Step 3: Write It Down

This tool will always be here for you to use, but during a true emergency, you may not have time to find your results. Make things easier by writing down the emergency numbers before your travel or you can take a screen shot of them ahead of time, keeping those numbers with you at all times.

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