Specifically what do I get for $4.99 twice a year when I download the App?

As a subscriber you get access to up to 3 telephone numbers of English speaking doctors that you can contact for non-emergencies. In ADDITION, you get the local US 911 equivalent emergency number, where available, AS WELL as fire, police and ambulance and the 24 hour USA Embassy emergency contact numbers…our goal is to provide you with as much valuable information.

What if I get a number that is wrong or doesn’t work?

While we try to keep all numbers current, occasionally doctors, embassy’s and other professionals change their phone numbers.  If this happens, please let us know by clicking “Contact US”.  We strive to provide you with the best data possible.  Our goal is to help you enjoy your vacation or trip.

Which locations around the world can I get information for?

Our goal is to provide you with contacts in every country in the world and in all the major cities.  We are striving to constantly update our information and keep it current and helpful.

What do I do if I have a life threatening situation abroad?

If you have a medical emergency, immediately contact the nearest hospital or clinic or immediately seek local advice RIGHT AWAY.  We provide information for minor “non-emergency” medical issues that may arise.

What is O Vacation Doctor?

The On Vacation Doctor family are individuals who have traveled all over the world and have had non-emergency medical needs. We have true world experiences getting a colds or getting food or water borne illnesses and we did not have anywhere to turn to for help…our goal is to help you in these times.

Can I share my experience with you after we have used your service?

YES PLEASE…let us know how our service worked for you…it helps us update our files, helps fellow travelers and rewards local doctors who took the time and care to help you locally.  Additionally, if you already know or met a fantastic doctor on your travels, tell us about them!  We would love to include them in our database if they are not there and send them referrals.

Can I share my trip pictures with you?

YES, PLEASE…we are travelers, just like you, and we love to see people enjoying their vacations and business trips while having peace of mind that they have had the resources available to them in times of need.  We love to share pictures of our subscribers on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.