On Vacation, a Doctor can help you with your non-emergency medical needs, by providing you access to local emergency telephone numbers, local US Embassy numbers, and local English-speaking doctor’s contact information. 

When we can’t help, we partner with International SOS, the world’s leading health and security services company, who has medical and security professionals for general questions about your destination as well as to help you if you had an accident, fell ill, or needed emergency medical evacuation. Have the comfort of knowing the International SOS network of 10,000 medical and security professionals are ready to assist anywhere coverage is available.

To learn more or to obtain a quote for coverage of your future trips, please visit: Should you decide to secure coverage with International SOS, please place the following referral code: ONVACATIONDR within the Agent ID field prior to checking out.

At On Vacation Doctor our purpose is to help world travelers find English speaking health care professionals no matter what country they’re located in.

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